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Lobelia Sprite by Deathdog3000 Lobelia Sprite by Deathdog3000
Name: Lobelia Sprite
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Cutiemark: Potion

Lobelia is what you could call a very friendly mare she always cheerful and perky in attitude however this comes at a price as Lobelia is a very mischievous pony and often plays pranks on others. Most of the time she is in positive spirits, always taking the time to gossip or go shopping with her friends, sadly however when she is upset she gets -extremely- upset and has a habit of crying out her own make-up.

Talents and Hobbies:
Lobelia excels at collecting plants and flowers and using them to create elixirs, potions, poultices, flasks and perfumes.  Her creations mostly have positive effects, she wouldn't dare sell a dangerous potion... Well aside from the occasional love potion she bottles and sells in heart shaped bottles.

Lobelia was born into an entirely pony household in Manehattan. Her father was studying the possibilities of Earth Pony magics and her mother was an artist who loved to incorporate real plants into her works. Lobelia was directed by both her parents to follow in their footsteps and while loving both paths she never really clicked with either of them. It wasn't until approximately five years old when her father took her to work with her and showed her the different ways that Earth Ponies could utilize their own special magic... Whether it be the spirit within or the mysterious ability to grow bountiful crops. That's when she saw at the corner of her eye a research desk that studied into potions. She was intrigued by the possibility of creating mixtures that had different magical properties and the brilliant colours and experimentation ignited the artistry in her mother's side. Of course her cutie mark didn't happen instantly and it wasn't for a few years of experimentation and hard work before it happened. One day while working on a potion there was a sudden moment when she stared at a complex recipe, a recipe that hardly worked for a skilled apothecary. Lobelia felt a sudden wave of creativity come over her and a desire to make the potion fun and decided to change the ways the ingredients were prepared. She switched Walnuts with Almonds, crushed flowers instead of extracting their dyes and suddenly the potion exploded to life like a stale cooking recipe made new. when she tested the potion it worked perfectly but she felt a wave of something flow over her as something appeared on her hind flank and Lobelia knew for sure she had earned her cutiemark without even knowing. Lobelia spent the next few years refining her recipes and finishing school before she decided to pack up her things and head to Ponyville and immediately set up a quaint and zany shop for her creations.
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November 28, 2015
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