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Flightsoffancy by Deathdog3000 Flightsoffancy by Deathdog3000
Name: Flights of Fancy
Age: 15
Race: Unicorn

Flights of Fancy was born in Cloudsdale to his Pegasus Parents, Marzipan Swift and Cloud Striker. The person delivering the child not expecting to be giving birth to a unicorn managed to damage the young colt's horn during the delivery, making it twisted and bent slightly. Marzipan swift's father was a unicorn but they expected that since they were both pegasi that a unicorn child was unlikely. Due to land based ponies being unable to live in Cloudsdale without falling through the clouds, Flights of Fancy was sent to live with his Aunt in Canterot 'Tea Swirl' who was also a unicorn who ran a tea shop.

While growing up Flights struggled with social behavior, while not really being bullied he was quite a bit of an introvert and had no desire to hang out with other colts or fillies. While at school he'd sit in the library... drawing and writing his own stories. He knew one of the two along challenging all the fillies and colts to write their own children's book. Flights of Fancy took to this challenge eagerly, finding himself pulling the elements of picture and writing together to create a unique story of heroes and adventure. It wasn't until he had finished his story and handed it in did he notice there was a cutiemark on his flank, a writing pen representing the words of the story and a wing representing the imagery of a picture book.

Flights didn't hear back from the competition people, but that did not matter. He was already onto new projects. Submitting and publishing books and stories, he even put small amounts of magic into his books to make the pictures animate as if they were real. The spells were not powerful due to his bent horn but he managed to transform pictures into cute interactive effects.

Personality: Flights of Fancy is a friendly pony though it is hidden behind a introverted coldness and reluctance to interact with others. He is a complete coward and is scared of nearly any monstrous thing he can imagine (He is especially afraid of Changelings) He fears a pony that sneaks around his back garden at times. Despite his introverted attitude he does get embarrassed about his appearance (Especially his horn which he decorates to hide it's bent nature). There is nothing Flights likes more than seeing another pony's joy at his stories. He is very prone to nightmares getting far too many visits from Princess Luna in his dreams.

Likes: Reading, Candy, Butterflies, Good Dreams, Pillows, hot showers.
Dislikes: Changelings, Bad Dreams, Being alone at night, baths.
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November 26, 2015
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